What’s it like when your dog dies of 1080 poisoning?

This is Max, a much-loved 4 year-old kelpie. He died a miserable death from 1080 poisoning, and his family is still grieving — and angry. In Australia, the use of 1080 poison is widespread to kill introduced animals such as foxes or wild dogs, as well as native animals such as dingoes. Only a few […]

The right to have pets is a social justice issue

Imagine the sorrow and guilt of having to give up your best friend because that is the only way you can get a roof over your head. That is the reality for many of those Australians not fortunate enough to own their own homes. Real estate owners in SA still have the power to impose…

More regulations won’t solve the cat crisis

There is a crisis in cat management – shelters and rescue groups are full to capacity with felines looking for homes. Lawmakers think that adding more and more legal obligations on cat owners will solve the crisis. The latest proposal is mandatory
confinement on the owner’s property, but there is no evidence that such a law will do anything to solve the crisis. Find out why.